Chile Estate

Chile is a paradise for vines due to the absence
of disease and a fine, stable climate.


François planted his 
vineyard in 2000, on virgin terroir,
in poor soil, in a healthy,
balanced climate

After lengthy research in several regions of Chile, François planted his vineyard on virgin terroir, with poor soil and a healthy, balanced climate. Today the estate has 28 hectares of vines and Lolol has been given "protected designation of origin" status.


The choice of the Lolol Valley proved to be judicious, thanks to the weather conditions and the granite schist terroir. The resulting wines have a unique personality.

Today, François Lurton continues to explore other possibilities, including planting grape vines that require cooler temperatures at higher altitudes, such as Cabernet or Pinot Noir. The goal is to produce distinguished, authentic, original wines.


Located on the "Ruta del Vino" in a beautiful setting, we are developing wine tourism at the property in response to the growing number of fans of Lolol Valley wines. Visitors can tour the vineyards and appreciate the natural biodiversity generated by our biodynamic methods.

  • Hacienda Araucano lies near the historic town of Lolol, in Colchagua Valley, two hours' drive from Santiago, on Route South 5. Santa Cruz is the nearest town, 30 km to the west.


    The property lies in an east-west valley that receives cold air from the Pacific Ocean. The temperature difference between the sea and the land causes a white mist, the "Humo Blanco", which is visible every morning just above our vines. It marks the border of our vineyard.

  • The climate is hot and very dry during the day, but the Oceanic breeze and the morning mists from the Pacific (just 40km away), cool the vineyard and temper the heat. Most of the rainfall (650 mm per year) falls during the winter months, so we need an irrigation system. Temperatures can drop to -2°C in the winter and rise to 35°C in the summer. The nights are always temperate or even cool.

  • Area of the Lolol vineyard: 28 hectares

  • The terroir here is very well suited to Pinot Noir and Syrah. We have chosen to grow these varieties depending on the orientation of the plots and the type of soil.

    Sauvignon Blanc also grows very well here. We harvest it early, tasting the grapes and picking them at their aromatic peak. Chile is a very narrow country between the Andes Cordillera and the Pacific Ocean, with a series of hills near the coast, which give it a unique climate that is well-suited to growing vines.

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